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OKM eXp 4500 Professional

OKM eXp 4500 Professional

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  • All-arounder: OKM's detector for multifunctional subsurface detecting
  • Detection depth: With this technology customers found objects down to 25 m (82 ft) deep
  • Use cases: Treasure hunting, natural gold prospection, cavity detection
  • Operating modes: Magnetometer, 3D Ground Scan, Pin-pointer, Mineral Scan
  • Detectable objects: Treasure chests, cavities, tunnels

3D Ground Scanner for Treasure Hunting and Gold Prospection

Ground scanners like the eXp 4500 allow treasure hunters of all levels – beginners, experienced and professional users – to detect buried treasures in depths that common metal detectors are not able to reach. The multifunctional treasure detector can locate buried relics, ancient artefacts, lost treasures and natural gold minerals.

The high-performance detector eXp 4500 offers exchangeable sensors – tuned and optimized for its special purpose and function. Hence, the lightweight and easy-to-use treasure detector is the perfect device for treasure hunters who look for various kinds of treasures.

The eXp 4500 Pro includes:

  • Super Sensor for high-resolution ground scans, pinpointing and mineral detection.
  • GPR Antenna (50cm)

Further specialized probes can be added:

  • Tunnel Sensor
  • GPR Antenna (25cm, 75cm, 100cm)

Easy-to-use Detector for all Treasure Hunting Levels

The treasure detector allows archaeologists, gold seekers and treasure hunters to:

  • conduct archaeological 3D surveys and metal detection
  • locate the exact position of buried treasures and relics by pinpointing
  • visualize discoveries and underground structures in 3D images including size and depth
  • detect gold, silver, bronze and further valuable objects
  • find ancient artifacts, hidden treasures, coins, treasure deposits and pirate chests
  • discover tunnels, voids and cavern
  • find gold minerals and natural gold.

eXp 4500 Scan Modes

Discoveries and treasure finds occur in different sizes and are made of different materials. As a result, treasure hunters who are not specialized on a certain type of finds, need a variety of operating modes and locating methods to find all kinds of hidden treasures at various depths under the surface.

The ground scanner eXp 4500 Pro offers the following scan modes:

  • Ground Scan: perfect for treasure hunters and archaeologists looking for underground artifacts, treasures and historical objects
  • Mineral Scan: allows gold prospectors and gold seekers to be more successful in gold panning of natural gold minerals
  • Pinpointer: supports treasure hunters in locating the correct position of detected items
  • Magnetometer: helps to locate ferrous metals like iron and steel

Visualization of Treasure Finds and Discoveries

The sensors of the eXp 4500 are directly connected to the control unit which immediately displays the measurement data on the full color screen. These data can be stored in the internal memory of the device and can additionally be transferred to a computer.

On the computer, the specialized software Visualizer 3D allows to evaluate and compare all stored data. Furthermore, the user can determine depth, size and position of detected structures and objects.

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