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OKM Fusion Professional

OKM Fusion Professional

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  • Compact: Treasure detector with tablet and Visualizer 3D software
  • Detection depth: With this technology customers found objects down to 21 m (69 ft) deep
  • Use cases: Treasure hunting, cavity detection
  • Operating modes: 3D Ground Scan, Live Sound (Magnetometer)
  • Detectable objects: Treasure chests, cavities, tunnels

The metal detector and 3D ground scanner Fusion Professional is the redesigned and improved version of the Future 2018 Anniversary Edition. It has been designed for 3D scan beginners and offers easy operation as well as advanced measurement features.

The 3D ground scanner Fusion supports treasure hunters, gold seekers, adventurers and archaeologists to discover lost treasures, buried artifacts, hidden places and other historical items.

The version Fusion Professional is perfect for beginners and advanced users.

Apply the Ground Scanner Fusion Professional

The probe of the Fusion Professional edition is used in vertical orientation and offers the operating modes 3D Ground Scan and Live Sound (Magnetometer):

  • Live Sound (Magnetometer)

    An acoustic magnetic field measurement to detect ferrous metals.

    With Live Sound (Magnetometer) treasure hunters and archaeologists can detect metal objects near the surface in real time. This mode is used to clear the scan field before performing a 3D Ground Scan.

  • 3D Ground Scan

    A measurement to receive 3D images of the underground for detailed analysis with OKM detection software.

    With 3D Ground Scan treasure hunters can visualize detected structures and objects in three-dimensional representations. These scan images allow detector users to determine the position, size and depth of targets.

Locate Shallow Metal Objects with the SRIS Search Coil

The SRIS Search Coil can be used to locate metallic objects close to the surface. This coil can be activated manually by the operator while setting up the operating modes Live Sound and 3D Ground Scan.

Even though it seems easy to detect the position of a buried object with the 3D ground scanner and metal detector OKM Fusion, it can become harder to localize the exact spot as soon as you start digging. In order to solve this problem you may activate the SRIS search coil and check the excavated soil with it. In this way, you are able to exactly match the correct spots of hidden items and won’t miss any small object like:

  • wedding bands and rings
  • ear rings, brooches, bracelets and necklace
  • coins, buttons, badges and pins

Visualize Underground Treasures in 3D

While scanning an unknown area and recording the measure values, the Visualizer 3D Studio Software will immediately use this information to generate a color-coded 3D graphic of hidden objects and structures. Thus, you will literally “see” all buried treasures, gold objects, archaeological artefacts and any other hidden objects before digging.
These visualizations allow you to analyse your scan images and determine the size, position and depth of detected items. In this way, you will know where and how deep to dig to find your desired objects.

Scan performed with ground scanner Fusion Professional

In the Box:

1x Control Unit
1x Pre-configured Windows Notebook
1x USB Flash Drive with OKM Visualizer 3D Studio Standard Edition
1x Bluetooth Headphones incl. charging cable
1x Charger with charging cable
1x Travel Adapter
1x Waterproof and shock-resistant Protector Case
1x Quick Start Guide


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