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OKM Fusion Professional Plus

OKM Fusion Professional Plus

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  • Compact: Detector for scans in vertical and horizontal orientation - supporting graphical 3D measurements, acoustic magnetic field measurements and instant live images
  • Detection depth: With this technology customers found objects down to 21 m (69 ft) deep
  • Use cases: Treasure hunting, cavity detection, archaology
  • Operating modes: 3D Ground Scan, Live Sound (Magnetometer), Live Stream
  • Detectable objects: Treasure chests, cavities, tunnels

OKM's Fusion Professional Plus is a 3D ground scanner with integrated inductive search coil. The multi-functional detector supports treasure hunters, archaeologists as well as engineers with graphical 3D measurements, acoustic magnetic field measurements and instant live images.

How to Use the 3D Ground Scanner Fusion Professional Plus

The advanced Professional Plus edition can be used in vertical and horizontal orientation and supports the operating modes 3D Ground Scan, Live Sound and Live Scan:

OKM Fusion Professional Plus Operating Modes

3D Ground Scan allows treasure hunters to visualize and analyze detected structures and objects in three-dimensional scan images. These representations enable detectorists to determine the position, size and depth of potential treasures and hidden tunnels or burial chambers.

OKM Fusion Professional Plus 3D Ground Scan

Live Sound (Magnetometer) allows to detect metal objects near the surface in real time. Treasure hunters and detectorists use this mode to clear the scan field before performing a more detailed 3D Ground Scan.

OKM Fusion Professional Plus Magnetometer mode (Live Sound)

Live Scan with horizontal probe provides immediate visual feedback of the scanned area as color-coded 2D representation.

OKM Fusion Professional Plus Live Scan with horizontal probe

Live Scan with vertical probe provides immediate visual feedback of the scanned area in representations similar to ultrasound images.

OKM Fusion Professional Plus Live Scan with vertical probe

Visualize Treasures Fast and Easily with Live Scan

The operating mode Live Scan is only available with Fusion Professional Plus. It can be performed with the Fusion probe in vertical or horizontal orientation. Depending on the probe orientation, the live images are visualized as 2D representation (horizontal probe) or similar to ultrasound representations (vertical probe).

Scan Large Areas Faster with Multi-Sensor Live Scan (horizontal)

The Fusion Professional Plus probe is equipped with OKM's Multi-Sensor technology. Thus, using the probe in horizontal orientation allows detectorists to scan the target area even faster. The Visualizer 3D Studio Software will immediately generate a color-coded 2D representation of hidden objects and structures while scanning.

Detect Larger Objects and Structures with 3D Ground Scan

3D Ground Scan visualizes underground structures and objects in color-coded 3D representations. Moreover, the OKM detection technology allows to detect target objects in depths down to 69 ft (21 m).

High-Resolution Scans with 3D Ground Scan (vertical)

When using the detector in vertical orientation, you carry the probe in one hand and the Tablet in the other. Additionally, the integrated inductive search coil can be enabled.

Multi-Sensor Scans with 3D Ground Scan (horizontal)

3D Ground Scan with horizontal probe is only available with Fusion Professional Plus

When using the detector in horizontal orientation, the probe is attached to the Telescopic Rod and the tablet is mounted above the handle. In this way, the detectorist is able to control the detector via software on the tablet very easily. Moreover, the horizontal orientation of the probe allows to record more values at once thanks to the integrated Multi-Sensor technology.

Discover Hidden Treasures and Burial Chambers

Fusion Professional Plus users are able to determine buried treasures, artefacts and further hidden objects before excavation. The saved 3D Ground Scan data can be analysed in detail thanks to the detection software Visualizer 3D Studio: Detectorists are not only able to locate anomalies, but also to determine the size and depth of the detected underground structures.

Detect Metal Objects with the Inductive SRIS Search Coil

The SRIS search coil is used to locate shallow metallic objects close to the surface. The coil can be activated optionally while setting up the operating modes Live Sound, 3D Ground Scan and Live Scan (Ultrasound).

Fusion Professional Inductive Search Coil

Pinpoint Targets During Excavation

The inductive SRIS search coil is also very useful to pinpoint objects while digging them up. It is easy to determine the general position of a buried object with Live Sound and 3D Ground Scan. In fact, when you start unearthing the detected objects, it can be hard to match the exact spots of hidden items. Thus, check the excavated material with activated SRIS search coil to find even small objects like rings, jewellery, brooches, bracelets, coins, buttons, badges and pins.

In the Case:

1x Control Unit
1x Telescopic Rod
1x Pre-configured Windows Notebook
1x Notebook Mount
1x USB Flash Drive with OKM Visualizer 3D Studio Professional Edition
1x Bluetooth Headphones incl. charging cable
1x Charger with charging cable
1x Travel Adapter
1x Waterproof and shock-resistant Protector Case
1x Quick Start Guide
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