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OKM Rover C4

OKM Rover C4

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  • Bestseller: 3D ground scanner and metal detector
  • Detection depth: With this technology customers found objects down to 25 m (82 ft) deep
  • Use cases: Treasure hunting, archaology, natural gold prospection
  • Operating modes: 3D Ground Scan, Pinpointer, Magnetometer, Mineral Scan
  • Detectable objects: Natural gold minerals, treasure chests, jewellery, militaria

The ground scanner Rover C4 is an easy-to-use multi-purpose treasure and void detector. The detector supports treasure hunters and archaeologists in finding lost treasures such as coins, rings and jewellery as well as underground structures like tunnels, caves, chambers and graves. The measured data can be viewed and analysed via Visualizer 3D Software.


Experience more balanced detector design, improved multilevel lighting and simplified wireless data transfer - for your convenient and efficient treasure hunt.


Intuitive control via touchscreen and hardware buttons facilitate the use of the compact detector. Individual settings such as Language and Brightness further improve the easy handling.


The treasure hunters' favorite OKM detector Rover C4 supports the Operating Modes Magnetometer, 3D Ground Scan, Pinpointer and Mineral Scan. This provides all necessary steps for a comprehensive exploration of the subsurface.


Both the easy-to-use Standard Probe and the high-resolution Super Sensor are equipped with the innovative LED Orbit. This exclusive feature indicates target objects such as ferromagnetic metal objects as well as voids in real-time by different colors.

OKM Rover C4 Operating Modes


Visualizer 3D Studio displays your Pinpointer scans in real-time and ground measurements in 3D. This allows you to determine the size, position and depth of target objects more precisely before excavation.

OKM Rover C4 exclusive LED Orbit

Benefits and Features of Rover C4

  • Operational touchscreen with alternative hardware buttons
  • Graphical user interface in many different languages
  • Improved multilevel LED lighting for detector usage in darkness
  • Exchangeable probes: Standard Probe and Super Sensor
  • Immediate basic target discrimination thanks to LED Orbit
  • Supported operating modes: 3D Ground Scan, Pinpointer, Mineral Scan, Magnetometer
  • Integrated battery
  • Simplified wireless data transfer
  • 4 separate memory areas to store measuring data
  • Including detection software Visualizer 3D Studio Standard Edition

Simple Operation via Touchscreen

The Rover C4 is controlled via color touchscreen with multilingual user interface. This allows a fast and easy operation and configuration of the metal detector. The detector can also be operated by using the alternative buttons.

Detector Rover C4 controlled via hardware buttons

LED Lighting

The embedded LEDs in the bottom side of the Control Unit are gradually adjustable based on your environment. This can be particularly useful when scanning in narrow and dark tunnels or at night.

Detector Rover C4

Exchangeable Probes

After connecting the desired probe to the Rover C4 Control Unit, the detector is ready to scan.

The Standard Probe can be used for the operating modes 3D Ground Scan and Magnetometer. It is attached directly to the unit and thus very easy to carry.

The Super Sensor is used for all operating modes including Mineral Scan and Pinpointer. Moreover, it provides 3D ground scan images in higher resolution. It is connected via cable and carried separately.

Detector with 2 probes

Immediate Feedback via LED Orbit

The Super Sensor and Standard Probe are equipped with an innovative LED Orbit that indicates underground targets immediately during the scan. This basic target discrimination visualizes detected metals and voids in different colors.

Treasure Detector Operating Modes

One of the most versatile operating modes in our 3D metal detectors is 3D Ground Scan. This function is used to scan a rectangular area to obtain measuring data from underground structures and objects.

However, in order to perform extensive ground measurements and achieve the maximum detection performance, we recommend using the operating modes Magnetometer, 3D Ground Scan and Pinpointer in succession as follows. The Mineral Scan mode is a Rover C4 add-on for gold prospectors.

  1. Magnetometer to clear the scan field of small metal items like nails, cans, screws and wires near the surface.
  2. 3D Ground Scan provides a graphical measurement of any area for further analysis in the detection software Visualizer 3D Studio.
  3. With Pinpointer detectorists locate buried coins, rings, jewelry and similar treasure objects and artifacts more precisely.
  4. Mineral Scan is used to locate natural gold deposits.

The fewer metal items near the surface, the better your 3D Ground Scan results. After clearing your scan field with Magnetometer, you can also find larger metal targets which are located deeper underground. Analyze your 3D Ground Scan images in Visualizer 3D Studio and locate the detected objects more precisely with the Pinpointer mode.

Ground Scanning with Metal Detector Rover C4

Detectable items that can be found with the 3D ground scanner Rover C4 are:

  • Lost treasures and hidden precious metals
    treasure chests, gold coins, jewelry, silverware, statues, general valuables, buttons, medals etc.
  • Underground voids and cavities
    tunnels, graves, chambers, cellars, sepulchers, dugouts, shelters, bunkers etc.
  • Natural gold minerals
    gold ore, gold deposits, gold veins etc.

Scan Analysis with Visualizer 3D Software

After transferring your 3D Ground Scans and Mineral Scans to the notebook with Visualizer 3D Software, the scan data are ready for further analyses in order to:

  • Identify Potential Objects and Hidden Treasures

    The detected targets are represented by different colors. The color information will tell you if it is a ferrous metal (iron, steel), precious metal (gold, silver, bronze, copper) or a void structure (cave, tunnel, grave, chamber).

  • Determine Position and Depth

    The software shows the position of the detected anomalies and – according to the chosen soil – how deep the target is buried in the ground.

  • Calculate Object Dimensions

    Besides depth information, Visualizer 3D Studio can also calculate the dimensions of hidden targets and buried items.

In the Case:

1x Control Unit
1x Standard Probe with LED Orbit
1x Super Sensor with LED Orbit
1x Pre-configured Windows Notebook
1x USB Flash Drive with OKM Visualizer 3D Studio Standard Edition
1x Bluetooth Headphones incl. charging cable
1x Charger with charging cable
1x Travel Adapter
1x Protector Tube
1x Waterproof and shock-resistant Protector Case
1x Quick Start Guide
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