About us

Selling & distributing Metal Detectors and Ground Scanning machines for over 13 years. Ground Scan UK focuses on the 3D ground scanning market. 
We have the best technical sales staff in the industry with first hand experience to help you the customer choose the right machine for your needs.
As technology forges ahead and interest in this engaging pursuit reaches new depths, GroundScanUK has invested heavily to maintain our position as one of the top brands for ground scanners in the UK. 
You can be assured that the products you purchase through GroundScanUK are quality guaranteed with 2 year warranties directly with OKM.

Who are OKM?

OKM Team

For more than 25 years, OKM have been inventing, developing and manufacturing innovative and high-performing geophysical instruments like metal detectors, 3D ground scanners, ground penetrating radars, water detectors and many more. Proud to support the work of archaeologists, geologists, treasure hunters, gold diggers as well as police and security forces all over the world by providing unique detection technology made in Germany.

Founded in 1998, they revolutionized the metal detecting market with many innovative developments and creative inventions. Most of these concepts resulted in patents and utility models. OKM introduced the world’s first 3D ground scanner with colour display, developed multi-sensor-technology and invented telescopic and adaptable measuring probes, to name but a few.

Innovation & Development