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OKM Rover UC

OKM Rover UC

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  • Undercover: Lightweight detector designed as a trekking pole with smartwatch incl. fitness trackingand compass
  • Detection depth: With this technology customers found objects down to 20 m (65 ft) deep
  • Use cases: Treasure hunting, cavity detection, archaeology, militaria detection
  • Operating Modes: 3D Ground Scan, Pinpointer, Magnetometer
  • Detectable objects: Treasure chests, militaria, cavities, tunnels

The latest generation of the Rover UC comes with everything that beginners as well as advanced treasure hunters expect from a perfect ground scanner:

  • Simple and intuitive operation,
  • Lightweight, compact and inconspicuous design as well as
  • Acoustic, haptic and visual feedback

allow treasure hunters to achieve best measurement results of the underground without attracting attention.

The compact outdoor measuring device is disguised as a walking stick and thus hardly noticeable as a treasure detector. In combination with the Smartwatch as Control Unit, the Rover UC is a smart detector that offers additional functions.

Detectorists and treasure hunters familiar with OKM detectors know that the Rover UC is not just a metal detector with Magnetometer and Pinpointer: Rover UC is a 3D ground scanner. The integrated single-sensor technology allows to create high-resolution three-dimensional graphics of the subsurface.

Advantages of the Rover UC at a Glance

Like OKM's renowned 3D ground scanners, the Rover UC convinces with its perfect blend of usability, functionality, ergonomics and design, too. With its minimal weight of only 500 g (17.6 oz) and a length of only 67 cm (26") when folded, the 3D ground scanner can be taken anywhere:

  • extremely lightweight
  • compact and height adjustable
  • disguised as a trekking pole
  • integrated fitness activity tracking (pedometer, heart rate monitor)
  • integrated compass and GPS (disengageable)
  • incl. Android Smartwatch as control unit with direct display of scan images
  • ready for immediate use - no computer required for initial measurements
  • incl. pre-configured notebook with detection software Visualizer 3D Studio
  • operating modes: Magnetometer, Pinpointer and 3D Ground Scan
  • basic target discrimination (ferrous/non-ferrous/cavities)
  • integrated rechargeable battery (charged via USB-C cable) with 48 h operating time

Concealed Capabilities: The Most Inconspicuous Detector with the Best Depth Performance

Finding treasures in secret has never been easier with the Rover UC metal detector - after all, the 'UC' designation of this 3D ground scanner actually means Undercover. The name already indicates that the detector is perfectly camouflaged for performing undisclosed measurements. Without arousing any interest or attracting curious glances, treasure hunters can search in places where they were previously unable to conduct undisturbed measurements. 

Multifunctional and Powerful: OKM Sensor Technology

The multifunctional Rover UC detector is based on the reliable and powerful OKM sensor technology. This allows treasure hunters to detect objects such as jewelry, coins, artifacts, boxes and chests as well as chambers, graves or tunnel systems hidden in the underground.

Thanks to the implementation of modern and power-saving components as well as an integrated rechargeable battery, the detector can be used for several hours.

Intuitive 3D Ground Scanner with Android Smartwatch

The OKM App is already pre-installed on the included smartwatch. After switching on the detector, it connects automatically upon starting the application and is immediately ready for use.

The simple menu navigation on the smartwatch screen guides you quickly to your goal: Simply select the desired operating mode or adjust settings according to your preferences

Smart Treasure Hunting with Fitness Tracking and Compass

The integrated fitness tracker not only turns the Rover UC into a multifunctional trekking pole, but also completes its camouflage. If the Rover UC user is discovered and attracts suspicion, he can open the activity screen by only one click, which - as usual for fitness applications - will display the pedometer and heart rate.

To further emphasize the function of a trekking pole, a compass is also integrated. However, this not only assists with orientation in the terrain, but is also of great advantage for 3D ground scans: Experience shows that treasure hunters achieve better results with measurements in a north-south (or south-north) orientation, since the measurement paths follow the earth's natural magnetic field.

Individual Treasure Hunting: Easily Customize Detector and App

Height Adjustment

Thanks to the telescopic rod, the height of the Rover UC can be individually adjusted to the height of the treasure hunter in order to guarantee a comfortable posture. Another positive effect of the height adjustment: With increasing length, the sensors in the detector detect more sensitively and are thus even more capable of detecting smaller objects at greater depths.

Undercover Operations: The Rover UC Operating Modes

3D Ground Scan

Graphical 3D ground measurement with manual and automatic pulse triggering: After measuring the target area, a three-dimensional graphic is created that can be evaluated directly on the smartwatch display. For a detailed representation, the scan file can be transferred to the notebook and analysed in the Visualizer 3D Studio detection software.


Magnetic field measurement to find metallic objects in the subsurface: The Magnetometer operating mode is used to acquire a quick overview of the target area. It is recommended that the location is cleared of unwanted metal objects using the Magnetometer before performing a 3D Ground Scan.


Basic target identification and visual metal discrimination between ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic metals: With Pinpointer, detected objects can be localized even more precisely and the type of target can be determined more easily.

Box Includes: 

1x Wireless Telescopic Probe
1x Android Smartwatch with pre-installed OKM App
1x Bluetooth Headphones incl. charging cable
1x Pre-configured Windows Notebook
1x USB Flash Drive with OKM Visualizer 3D Studio Standard Edition
1x Power Pack
1x Charger with charging cable (USB-C)
1x Carrying Bag
1x Waterproof and shock-resistant Protector Case
1x Quick Start Guide
1 x
Android Smartphone with pre-installed OKM App

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